#41 Splash

We were closing up the the cottage in northern Wisconsin last fall when I heard some splashing down by the shoreline.   So I grabbed my camera and went around to the front, but just missed the shot of the season - two loons diving at once.   Or so I thought….

….I turned away disappointed, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed a little rock bass jump just 20 feet or so from where those  two swirls were so I aimed the camera ahead of him by about 10 feet and waited for the one of the loons to pop up.   Surprise!   The shot is a little blurry; I was startled when the 3 otters appeared instead.  There was a fourth - he just gulped some air and went back to fishing (you can see the swirl).  You never know what is going to get in your way when you look through the lens.      


#40 Shot n HDR

This abandoned farmhouse in northern Wisconsin looked like a good candidate to try the HDR setting on my camera, and then I edited the image in Topaz Adjust HDR effects.   Lots of HDR going on here.


#39 Shallow Depth of Field

A month ago I got a new camera and I also discovered Photoshop elements had been loaded on the computer I bought - this is the first image created with that combination.  


#38 - Ready For A Book Cover

Mr. Gator here isn't just ready for a book cover; he is a book cover!   He caught me eye during one my bike rides and graces the cover of my third and last book, "Bring It!", which has the distinction of spending 3 weeks as the #1 seller in Thailand in the Amazon.com category of English language libertarian essay collections (aren't analytics fun?).   And thank you again Gary, Pam, and Cam for buying your copies in different weeks so I wasn't just a flash in the wok.


#36 - Pretty Baby

This little ball of fuzz is one day old baby Sandhill Crane - its mom thinks it is plenty pretty, but then again, don't they all?    


A4 - My Hometown

My little hometown of Ironwood Michigan is not much to look at anymore; it has been in decline since the mines shut down in the 1960's.  The paint may be peeled, the colors may be faded, and the weeds may have won, but the memories of those better days are as sharp and vibrant as ever.  I can't imagine a better place to grow up or a better group of kids to grow up with - we did ok for ourselves.  


#34 - Passageways

Makes you wonder what is around the bend in this little dirt path that weaves through the dense matted branches - maybe an ancient tribal village, or perhaps a den of wolves, or it could even be the path to enlightenment and self-actualization high on a Tibetan mountain.   No, what actually lies beyond is Highway 41 and a traffic jam in downtown Sarasota, and this is a sculpture made of twigs.  


#33 - Over the Hill

With this theme, I suppose I could have just taken a selfie….

…but I prefer to remember our trip through North Carolina this fall, when what was hidden "over the hill" was almost always a beautiful waterfall.   Like this one.



#32 - Out of Place

The original photo was taken in Beijing in a bank lobby full of men in suits.  This little guy was out of place as he sat in the window with no mom in sight and stared out at a large group of children running and playing noisily in the park next door, clutching that fan like it was his only friend.  Maybe it was.  


#31 - Out Of Control

I was showing my friend Patricia how my editing software works and kinda went a little overboard with the effects.  But what the heck - it is a Great Blue Heron after all.  


#30 - Other Photographers

This is a photograph of a photographer taking a photograph of photographers taking photographs of  other photographers; don't ask me to repeat that.  


#28 - Love Is….

One is 14, the other a few months behind.  One is deaf now, the other blind.  One was rescued from abuse, the other from neglect.  Buddy and Ralphie are like brothers - competing for attention, sharing the water and food dishes, barking at nothing, following each other around the house.   And they occasionally fight - snarling, biting, and going at each other like the winner gets the girl.

And then they suddenly forget what the fuss was about, give each other a tail wag, and take a nap.  I know you won't find that on a Hallmark card this Valentine's Day, but that's what love is.  


#27 - Lost and Forgotten Items

One of life's great imponderable mysteries - how can someone lose just one shoe on a highway? 


#26 Light and Airy

I like the way late afternoon sunlight hits spanish moss - just a beam here or there makes it's way through the woods to illuminate a strand, but for only a moment before the sun angle changes and another strand glows for its instant somewhere else in the foliage.  


#25 Juxtaposition

Most people worry about watercraft dumping crap into the habitat of the pelicans, but these guys have decided turnabout is fair play.


#23 - It Floats

This little cutie was floating at the edge of a pond when I happened by a couple of weeks ago.   He did not seem to mind me taking a few photos from a nearby observation deck.  


#22 - In The Trees

I always take my camera when I go walking or riding my bike, because you just never know what you will see along the way.  


#21 - In The Clouds

This guy was practicing his touch-and-goes up at the lake earlier this year.  He did not seem to mind that gigantic thunderstorm was rolling in from the southwest as he banked around for another landing and takeoff before he headed off into the wild grey yonder.   


#20 - I Wish I Could / I'm Sorry I Did

If somebody would have told me in high school that you can only have a million of them, I would have paced myself…

So nowadays when it's hot and sticky, I wish I could have one….of these.


#19 - I Want One

Oh, yes - do the 52-week photo challenge, they said.   It will be soooo much fun, they said.  Something you and Joanne can do together, they said.   She can help you when you are stuck for an idea, they said.  So I asked…. 
…and apparently, this is what I want.            


#18 - I Had A Dream

His name is Ralphie - like the kid in the Christmas movie.   We got him from a rescue, he had been neglected as a pup and abandoned - did not know how to play, was not trained, did not understand what toys were for, was afraid of other dogs, and did not wag is tail.   

All he needed was someone to love him back - don't we all?  In our house, he had a brother to play with, two laps to jump up on, 40 acres to run, a boat to carry him around the lake, a scooter and two cars to blow his ears back, and a mom who taught him to say "ma--ma" and gave him ice cream for treat.  It took a year, but that little tail began to wag - never could teach him to retrieve a goose, but thank God for small favors.          

He is old now and blind, and aside from occasionally barking at a wall, he spends most of his time sleeping.  We open the front door, because Ralphie likes to sleep right at the threshold, where the breeze carries him back to the days where he ran like the wind and chased whatever moved and rolled in whatever didn't.  And when he dreams by the front door, that little tail still wags.  There is nothing I ever dream about that is worth more than that, so he is my photo for this week.  


#17 - Holy Smoke

This one was too cheesy to resist - smoke from our burn barrel at the lake, which has numerous holes in it.   They say the holes are needed for ventilation, but I'm pretty sure it is just an excuse to shoot a .357 Magnum into something that makes a loud noise when struck - that never gets old.    


#16 - History

I know the feeling...one day you are a fine sedan with a shiny paint job and plenty or horsepower and the next you have bullet holes in your back and trees growing out your windows.   Bet this old carcass has some history behind him.   


#15 - High Key

Early in our marriage, we negotiated a deal where Joanne got a piano and I got two hunting dogs.  Her piano brand is a Samick, and so that is what we named our golden retriever.  A few years later,  after our black lab passed away,  I thought she should give up half of her keys - a deal is a deal.   But as you can see, the high keys are still all there...and that is pretty much how it has gone for the past 29 years.    


#13 - Hearts

One of the best parts of the 52-week photo challenge is that it keeps you on the lookout for  images, especially if you try to post each week in the order that the themes appear. I was walking through the woods up north after a rain and this pair of leaves caught my eye.  Probably would have walked right over them any other year...


#11 - Golden Mean

For nearly 50 years we have been watching the sun set over Pine Lake from the deck of our cottage.  It is not a pond, but sometimes it is golden.


#10 Framed

I can't even guess how many times I have walked through an airport without noticing the architecture; thanks to the 52-week challenge I noticed the framing of the walkway between the parking ramp and main terminal at MSP.  


#9 Foggy

Early September sunrise at Long Lake in Iron County, Wisconsin.  Misty mornings mean that the fall colors are not far behind.


#8 - Distortion

The green thing is me taking a photo of a shelf full of round silver table ornaments at a store while Joanne was shopping.



#5 - Bouncer

Suspension bridge over the Black River - our mom's wouldn't cross if the kids were around, because we would promise not to make it bounce and then......


#4 - Architecture

Next time you are in an airport, take a minute to notice the design and the lighting.  It might make the frustrations of travel a little more tolerable. 


#3 - An Expression of Love

These two love birds were smooching it up at Greta's gift shop in Ironwood, Michigan.


#1 - A Hot Ride

My son Erik's Mustang nitro dragster sits incognito on a quiet residential street and waits for that red truck to make the first move.....


Welcome to my photography site

Welcome to my photography blog.  Starting in August I will be posting a photograph each week here for the 52 week photography challenge sponsored by the Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club.