#18 - I Had A Dream

His name is Ralphie - like the kid in the Christmas movie.   We got him from a rescue, he had been neglected as a pup and abandoned - did not know how to play, was not trained, did not understand what toys were for, was afraid of other dogs, and did not wag is tail.   

All he needed was someone to love him back - don't we all?  In our house, he had a brother to play with, two laps to jump up on, 40 acres to run, a boat to carry him around the lake, a scooter and two cars to blow his ears back, and a mom who taught him to say "ma--ma" and gave him ice cream for treat.  It took a year, but that little tail began to wag - never could teach him to retrieve a goose, but thank God for small favors.          

He is old now and blind, and aside from occasionally barking at a wall, he spends most of his time sleeping.  We open the front door, because Ralphie likes to sleep right at the threshold, where the breeze carries him back to the days where he ran like the wind and chased whatever moved and rolled in whatever didn't.  And when he dreams by the front door, that little tail still wags.  There is nothing I ever dream about that is worth more than that, so he is my photo for this week.  


#17 - Holy Smoke

This one was too cheesy to resist - smoke from our burn barrel at the lake, which has numerous holes in it.   They say the holes are needed for ventilation, but I'm pretty sure it is just an excuse to shoot a .357 Magnum into something that makes a loud noise when struck - that never gets old.    


#16 - History

I know the feeling...one day you are a fine sedan with a shiny paint job and plenty or horsepower and the next you have bullet holes in your back and trees growing out your windows.   Bet this old carcass has some history behind him.   


#15 - High Key

Early in our marriage, we negotiated a deal where Joanne got a piano and I got two hunting dogs.  Her piano brand is a Samick, and so that is what we named our golden retriever.  A few years later,  after our black lab passed away,  I thought she should give up half of her keys - a deal is a deal.   But as you can see, the high keys are still all there...and that is pretty much how it has gone for the past 29 years.