#22 - In The Trees

I always take my camera when I go walking or riding my bike, because you just never know what you will see along the way.  


#21 - In The Clouds

This guy was practicing his touch-and-goes up at the lake earlier this year.  He did not seem to mind that gigantic thunderstorm was rolling in from the southwest as he banked around for another landing and takeoff before he headed off into the wild grey yonder.   


#20 - I Wish I Could / I'm Sorry I Did

If somebody would have told me in high school that you can only have a million of them, I would have paced myself…

So nowadays when it's hot and sticky, I wish I could have one….of these.


#19 - I Want One

Oh, yes - do the 52-week photo challenge, they said.   It will be soooo much fun, they said.  Something you and Joanne can do together, they said.   She can help you when you are stuck for an idea, they said.  So I asked…. 
…and apparently, this is what I want.