#32 - Out of Place

The original photo was taken in Beijing in a bank lobby full of men in suits.  This little guy was out of place as he sat in the window with no mom in sight and stared out at a large group of children running and playing noisily in the park next door, clutching that fan like it was his only friend.  Maybe it was.  


#31 - Out Of Control

I was showing my friend Patricia how my editing software works and kinda went a little overboard with the effects.  But what the heck - it is a Great Blue Heron after all.  


#30 - Other Photographers

This is a photograph of a photographer taking a photograph of photographers taking photographs of  other photographers; don't ask me to repeat that.  


#28 - Love Is….

One is 14, the other a few months behind.  One is deaf now, the other blind.  One was rescued from abuse, the other from neglect.  Buddy and Ralphie are like brothers - competing for attention, sharing the water and food dishes, barking at nothing, following each other around the house.   And they occasionally fight - snarling, biting, and going at each other like the winner gets the girl.

And then they suddenly forget what the fuss was about, give each other a tail wag, and take a nap.  I know you won't find that on a Hallmark card this Valentine's Day, but that's what love is.