#52 - What's Cooking?

When you order your omelet, bacon,and hash browns with pancakes on the side, you best be prepared to wear them there.

#51 Way Down Low

Who cares about F-stops, shutter speed, and ISO - I am just happy I could bend down this far!  

#50 Up Close

It's probably because we did not have them back home, but the hibiscus flowers in Florida fascinate me.      The closer you get, the more interesting they become.


#48 - It Doesn't Get Better Than This

For me, it doesn't get any better than the first of October up at the lake.   The city people are gone, the bugs are dead, the sweatshirts are out, the camo is on, you have warm days and crisp nights, and the colors are peaked.  Football is in full swing, the World Series is on, and basketball and hockey are starting up.  After grouse hunting, musky fishing, duck hunting, bow hunting, or hiking you just find yourself a sunbeam and take a nap in the woods - it does not get better than that.  



#46 - The Color Pink

I overcame the temptation to post a picture of Bob Costas, and decided on a Spoonbill instead.  


#45 - That's So Funny

For starters, its a Jamaican Rasta guy all smoked up in a dress with a lampshade and plastic flowers, wearing gi-normous mirrored sunglasses and holding a toilet float for a microphone while a pigeon pretends to be a parrot on his arm. Even his beard has dreads.  That's pretty funny.  

So I'm thinking he's nuts until I see the sign that says "picha wicha $5" and notice five people are already waiting in line to stuff his tip bucket and pose with him.  The guy probably raked in $200 in less than an hour and helped himself to a little goose if his posing partner was attractive.  Who's laughing now?  

But I can't help but wonder...f this is your job, what do you do to unwind?