#45 - That's So Funny

For starters, its a Jamaican Rasta guy all smoked up in a dress with a lampshade and plastic flowers, wearing gi-normous mirrored sunglasses and holding a toilet float for a microphone while a pigeon pretends to be a parrot on his arm. Even his beard has dreads.  That's pretty funny.  

So I'm thinking he's nuts until I see the sign that says "picha wicha $5" and notice five people are already waiting in line to stuff his tip bucket and pose with him.  The guy probably raked in $200 in less than an hour and helped himself to a little goose if his posing partner was attractive.  Who's laughing now?  

But I can't help but wonder...f this is your job, what do you do to unwind? 


Mary Nell said...

Yep, that's pretty darned funny but making $200/hr. sounds very serious to me. So, what corner do you think I should choose?

Unknown said...

I especially like the lamp shade hat! HA