#5 - Butterflies or Bees

Some photos have interesting stories behind them that bring additional meaning and purpose to the image itself.   This isn't one of them…it's a bee on a flower.


#4 - A Bright Idea

I had this bright idea to get up early and photograph the sun coming up in the fog over Little Pine Lake.   As it turns out, a little bright spot in a dark grey mess makes for a very uninteresting photograph.  But before I left, I noticed the sun reelecting in the water near the shore and took one more photo…. 


#3 - Backlit

The YouTube video showed how to take a backlit photo by darkening the studio, arranging the lighting  rigs, positioning the model, and using the light meter to determine exposure settings.   

Sure, I could probably make a studio, buy all that stuff, learn to do what they said.   Or…I could just walk outside, look up into the sun through the maple trees, shoot my photo for this week and then go for a ride on the four-wheeler.  I'm thinking' four-wheeler.   Yup, definitely four-wheeler.              


#2 - Below The Knees

Those three tiny kids below the knees of Hiawatha are my nephew Sam and nieces Katie and Hannah.  Over the last 50 years, countless numbers of kids have stood on those moccasins to get their pictures taken with the "World's Tallest Indian" in my hometown of Ironwood, Michigan.


#1 - At A Distance

At a distance, she did not seem to mind that I was there - had time to change lenses and still take her picture; two steps closer and she bolted.   How do I know she is female?  Well, she was traveling down a backroad below the posted sped limit and when she came to an unfamiliar intersection, she pulled over, stopped, and read the road signs before proceeding.  A guy would never do that.