#9 - Drops of Water

This started out as a photo of light frost on an old dock at daybreak, but it didn't take long for the first golden rays of sunshine to turn the frost crystals into a million tiny little water droplets.


#8 - Differences

I grew up in a mining town, and we used to play tennis on this court - always had to wait to get on it.  All summer there was a game going on every diamond, rink, court, and empty lot  - a pile of bikes in the grass and the happy sound of kids playing games we organized ourselves.  When we couldn't find anyone to come out, we shot hoops or banged hockey pucks against the garage door or rode around until we found somebody we knew or made friends with someone we just met.

Half a century later, there are no mines, no bikes, no kids, and silence - that's the difference. Sad.


#7 - Car Lights

This photo speaks to me.  It says, "I was cool once, and maybe I'm not in the same shape as back then, and maybe nature is winning, and maybe I can't run all day like I used to, and maybe I just want to rest here in the woods for a while….."  Oh, wait - that is just me talking to myself.  Never mind.


#6 - Bridges

If you grew up in the western part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, you have a fond memory of this bridge near Lake Superior.  It is the suspension bridge at Black River Harbor that connects the campgrounds and picnic area to the breakwater and beach on the other side.   

But the real purpose of the bridge is for boys to torture their moms and sisters by promising not to make it bounce and sway and then once the family is half way across, you…um…I meant they….start jumping and rocking it until the girls scream and the dads pretend to be mad.  My son and I went there yesterday to relive our glory days of mischief and misbehavior and watch a new generation of tow-headed hellions drive their parents nuts.   Good times.