#14 - Four Letter Word

P-I-N-K.   The international Dragon Boat races were held this weekend in Sarasota and 4,000 breast cancer survivors from all over the world came to compete, raise awareness, and celebrate life.   My wife and her friends served as ambassadors for two teams from Edmonton, Alberta (good on ya, ladies) and I took this shot of the fire truck before the big parade in Lakewood Ranch.  I did not get to see the super-hunky fireman in the pink suspenders - apparently there was a rash of small napkin fires all around the assembly grounds.  Turning to business news - the gift shop at Lakewood Ranch sold completely out of napkins and Bic lighters Saturday night…..


#13 Forced Perspective

To be honest, forced perspective photos are not my cup of meat, but here goes.   It took a couple dozen attempts, but finally this Great Blue Heron squawked at the same time 2 cars flashed glare off the windshields from the street on the far shoreline and it looked kinda like he was blowing bubbles - unless you have a better imagination and can help me out in the comments.    


#12 Fences and/or Rails

The sign at the parking lot is a little deceiving; it says the trail to the waterfalls is only 1/4 of a mile, which is a piece of cake in the cool air near Lake Superior.  What it doesn't say is that it is a steep downhill climb the whole way.   Remember that thing about getting there being half the fun?  No, getting there was all of the fun - getting back was a killer.


#11 Favorite Room

A couple of years ago, my wife convinced me to screen in our front porch at the lake so we could enjoy the view during the mosquito season, which is basically any day we are there.  The screen porch instantly became our favorite room - it is where each day starts with loon calls over coffee and a mirror-smooth lake view; and where each day ends with loon calls beneath a pink sunset over Finn Point on the other shore.  Life does not suck.  


#10 Family Table

Our cottage on Pine Lake is an old miners' house we moved from town.   The first thing we put in it was this table, which we bought from some lady in Bessemer for $5.   For 50 summers it has been a work bench, coffee table, dining table, game table, office, sewing table, bar, card table, puzzle board, computer stand, towel rack, classroom, and hangout; you can see the lake from three sides, sunset from two, and watch the fireplace from the fourth.  If those wall could talk, they wouldn't - they would be laughing too hard to get the words out.