#14 - Four Letter Word

P-I-N-K.   The international Dragon Boat races were held this weekend in Sarasota and 4,000 breast cancer survivors from all over the world came to compete, raise awareness, and celebrate life.   My wife and her friends served as ambassadors for two teams from Edmonton, Alberta (good on ya, ladies) and I took this shot of the fire truck before the big parade in Lakewood Ranch.  I did not get to see the super-hunky fireman in the pink suspenders - apparently there was a rash of small napkin fires all around the assembly grounds.  Turning to business news - the gift shop at Lakewood Ranch sold completely out of napkins and Bic lighters Saturday night…..


Anonymous said...

Definitely PINK. Looks like fun. I had heard about the pink firetrucks a few years ago, but have not seen them. Nice they were here.

Unknown said...

Great shot of the PINK fire truck Tim.

Gary said...

Nice shot and great cause. If only they had something for Ovarian Cancer. Gary