#19 Horses and Humans

There isn't much to say about this week's post - you got your horse and you got your human so that's a wrap!  Shot in B&W out at Dry Creek on our club's recent field trip.  


#18 - Holiday Spirit

"Hello Buffalo?  Yeah, this is Frosty…hey, listen - I can't make it downtown for the Holiday parade   Thursday 'cause…um…my car won't start...no, wait a minute, I got the ebola…yup, that's it - ebola (cough, cough).   Stuck in the hospital….you know, quarantine and all.   Sucks to be you!"     


#17 High Above

Thank you to my friend Barb Sash for showing me this hidden gem of a place - Corrigan's Bluff in Iron County, Wisconsin.   It's not on a map, halfway between Upson and Saxon, as if that helps.  You turn off the highway at a small marker you can't read and park in a little clearing; hike down a muddy trail that can't possibly be right until you start a steep climb up a rocky outcropping.   And when you emerge from the thick brush….THIS!


#16 Group Portrait

L to R: Weezie, Patricia, Joanne (mine), and Mindy were nice enough to pose for a group portrait before heading out to welcome teams of breast cancer survivors flying in from Edmonton, Alberta to compete in Dragon Boat races against teams from around the world a couple of weeks ago.  


#15 Graveyard

The timing was perfect - there were graveyards all over the neighborhood last week.