#22 It's A Mystery

The night was dark
The wind did blew
And down the street a shit wagon flew

A bump was sounded 
A scream was heard
A man was killed by a flying turd

In 4th grade Joey Kuker would recite this mysterious poem over and over just to irritate his older sisters.  After each recital,  he would announce: "a poem by Edgar Allen Poo" and they would scream at us and we would laugh like crazy.  I guess you had to be there…and be a nine-year-old boy.  


Mary Nell said...

I have to admit that I have never heard that Edgar Allen Poo poem before. I can hear all the little girls shouting, "Ewwww."

PAR88 said...

How can any of us follow this?!
Lovely moody photo.

Unknown said...

I guess we never studied Edgar Allen Poo as don't remember the poem and am sure I would have. I love it. Great job Tim.