#26 - Masked

You can't fool your uncle Vlad (inside joke) with that mustache disguise, Claire….  A cheap prop on a stick can't mask the beauty of the newest Mrs. Nerenz on her wedding day, but it does show off her playful spirit that has endeared her to us all - welcome to the family, Claire Nerenz - and congratulations to my nephew Rob on your exquisite taste and good judgement.   


#25 Long Shadows

I can't explain how we have spent five winters down here and hadn't yet gone to see the Ringling Art Museum in Sarastota until just recently - it is a fascinating and beautiful place.   The sculptures down in the gardens that this balcony surrounded were no doubt famous and important works of classical art, but I found the light arches and long shadows thrown by the late afternoon sun to be far more interesting than the naked bronze guys standing in a fountain.  


#24 - Long Exposure

This was a shot I took last fall at Kimball Park in Iron County, Wisconsin late in the afternoon.  18mm lens with ND 10 filter at ISO 100 and 30 sec at f22 with manual focus set to infinity and OIS off.