#30 One Step At A Time

I watched this guy fishing at low tide; he would take one step at a time, stirring up murk to make the little fish scoot out the way. When he saw one dart he would take a running leap over to where they had gone, parachute down from above to stab at his dinner.  Half a dozen tries and he never got a fish.  Meanwhile, it was lunch at Gecko's (Bradenton reference) for the seagull, who was sleeping on the ledge when the lizard walked right into him - didn't have to take a single step.



#29 On Two Wheels

Laura swears up and down she rides her bike every day...I don't believe her.  


#28 Natural Beauty

This is the hardest theme of the whole year for me, because since I began to take photographs I now see beauty everywhere.  It is impossible to pick a favorite shooting target between a Florida sunset or a Michigan waterfall or Wisconsin's fall color explosion or whatever random gorgeous thing God puts in front of the lens for me every day.  But I started out with flowers and I keep coming back to flowers, so I guess I will use my recent flower photo and be grateful it was not buried under a humungous snow drift in front of a bank thermometer that reads some hideous below-zero temperature somewhere you have to start your car five minutes before you get in to melt the windshield frost.       


#27 Musical, Part II

My son Erik blew me away this summer when he unveiled a 2 year restoration of my first real guitar amplifier - a 1974 Peavey Mace.  The Mace is a tube amp beast with two 160-watt channels you can run in series and with the matching bottom my rig has six 12-inch 20 oz magnet speakers.  Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special used them on a tour and when I heard that "crunch" it was down to the store with my life savings.   I also had an AIMS Les Paul custom made for me that I still like over any of the Gibsons I have played since.  You kids in your cute little Hondas with a trunk full of Chinese subwoofers think you are loud?   pffffffffft!    Fire up the old growler here…….brain damage, baby.  


#27 Musical

When I heard that my 6 year old nephew wanted a drum set for Christmas, I thought there were three possible outcomes:  1) the drum kit would be forgotten after a few days of hellish racket, or 2) the parents would go insane as hellish racket continued, or 3) the parents would go insane AND the drum kit would be forgotten.   It is still there and nobody is insane, so what do I know?