#27 Musical, Part II

My son Erik blew me away this summer when he unveiled a 2 year restoration of my first real guitar amplifier - a 1974 Peavey Mace.  The Mace is a tube amp beast with two 160-watt channels you can run in series and with the matching bottom my rig has six 12-inch 20 oz magnet speakers.  Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special used them on a tour and when I heard that "crunch" it was down to the store with my life savings.   I also had an AIMS Les Paul custom made for me that I still like over any of the Gibsons I have played since.  You kids in your cute little Hondas with a trunk full of Chinese subwoofers think you are loud?   pffffffffft!    Fire up the old growler here…….brain damage, baby.  


Anonymous said...

Nice captures of the guitars and that beast. I remember them, but the jazz and blues groups I played with didn't have the peavey.

Mary Nell said...

I'm sure memories flooded the room.