#34 Patterns

While I don't like rattlesnakes any more than the next guy, I have to admit that the patterns of their scales are beautiful and fascinating - through the glass of a terrarium, that is.  


#33: Paths to Trails

When I saw this trail in the sand I thought of comedian Richard Pryor, who was married several times and joked about it in his comedy act.  "I don't care that women leave me", he quipped, "what pisses me off is that they always tell me why."  


A4 - Night Shot

There are no lights on the pier where I took this photo of the San Diego skyline, so I thought the barking in the dark was dogs guarding the fishing boats.  After 15 seconds of exposure, the LCD display revealed the the culprits - sea lions down on the slips below.   


#31 Panning

I must confess that I thought panning was the same as panorama, and a few weeks ago I took some nice panoramas for this week.  Luckily, I overheard to members talking about panning shots at our photo club meeting last month and saved myself some embarrassment.