#38 Selfie

Well….um…..ok…it is possible that I might have accidentally Photoshopped this image…maybe.


#37 - Rows and Rows

I have no idea what you call those bumps on a lizards' skin, but this sleeping giant has rows and rows and rows of them.  


#36 Right Place / Right Time

I only had one afternoon to run out to the zoo in San Diego, and the reports were that the baby gorilla had been staying indoors mostly, but right as I was walking by on the way to the aviary, momma and kiddo popped out for a little bite to eat and a few minutes in the sun before going back inside.  


#35 Rocky Waterscape

I might not be a great photographer, but I know how to read; there's your rocks, there's your water, and there's your 'scape.  Low tide at daybreak out at the Sunshine Skyway bridge.