#43 Solitary

I pick up phones and hear my history
I think of all the calls I missed
I try to number those who love me 
And find exactly what the trouble is

   - Pete Townshend  "Is It In My Head"


#42 Skyline Panorama

You might recognize the bridge from San Diego over to Coronado Island - shot at twilight from a workboat pier that nobody seems to know about.  Great place to shoot the bridge, boats moored, city skyline, and sea lions resting on the docks at night.


#41 Single Color in Black and White

The sun was at a bad angle and the full color shot of this spoonbill taking flight was not very good, but desaturating everything but the pink gave it enough interest to kept it out of the trash bin and into the phblog this week.  


#39 - Shot Through The Glass

This bird kept fluttering around on the hedge outside my office window, and I remembered this theme was coming up, so I shot the first photo through the glass - you can see the reflections from the fabric of a chair.   She would fly over from a nearby palm tree and make a big fuss, then fly back - over and over for about 20 minutes.   At first I thought she was seeing her own reflection, but then I looked down and noticed what it was that kept her coming back over by the window, and I took photo #2.