#46 - Still Life

Yes, of course I know what "still life" means - some bowl of fruit on a table or a vase full of flowers with a 4 pane window in the background. I don't have any of those shots, but I have this guy.  He doesn't lurk in the reeds like the other great egrets in the neighborhood;  he lives the still life (see what I did there) out in the open and will wait up to half an hour without moving for his dinner to come.    


#A5 - Reflections

I was excited to go to Edmonton, Alberta last week for convocation at my alma mater, Athabasca University, where I got to watch for the first time as my own students received their MBA degrees and set out to go leave their mark in the world.  Since it is only dark for a couple of hours this time of year, I found time to sneak away for a stroll around the city with my camera and found some weirdly interesting things to shoot, like this reflection of a construction crane in the windows of a nearby building.


#44 Someone Working

At first glance, you might think I had to travel deep into the wilds of Africa or Central America to capture this barefoot guy working a muddy river with his cast net and dodging crocodiles.  But then you notice that Titleist over there to the left laying in the fairway….