#52 A Winter Landscape

Made it!  My post for the last theme of the year's weekly photo challenge was taken right before Christmas near Wausau, Wisconsin on the weekend of my nephew's wedding.  It is not unusual to find a rusty old truck in a field in northern Wisconsin - a photographer's paradise in that respect - but it is very rare to find almost no snow on the ground in late December.  Ordinarily this would have been a good choice for a theme entitled: "windshield and mirrors and some junk in the back".

#51 When The Wind Blows

Seems like an odd place for a nest - on top of the fire tower in Oma Township.  And if you head back there on the four-wheeler on a normal summer day and wait for a shot of mom returning to her chicks, the deer flies will eat you alive, even if you have marinated in DEET.   But when the wind blows hard from the North, the swarming flies stay in the brush and when she does come back to see why her babies are squawking about the guy with the camera down there, she hovers for almost 5 seconds over them on the gale before going back for groceries at Pine Lake.


#50 Urban Scenery

Don't expect a fresh one - the cottage is a 20 minute ATV ride to the nearest "urb", and there isn't a traffic light in the whole county (true fact).   But through the miracles of digital storage on the trusty old Mac Book Pro, I retrieved an image of this mural painted on the side of an old brick building in New London, Minnesota.  It is a neat little village of artists and shops in the middle of nowhere for no apparent reason - so naturally we stopped.

#49 Two of Us

I didn't have a good selection for this theme and time is running short for this year's photo challenge, but I was out in the kayak this week when the Kardashians here showed up for a photo op - only two of them now that daddy turned himself into a swan and got his own show.  Ok, that was mean; I apologize to the loons.


#48 Sun Flare

There are a million photographs sunrises on the beach, or maybe over a city skyline, but not too many from the empty rooftop of the parking garage at an Indian casino.   Had to go all the way to northern Minnesota to find one with no cars on it...


#47 - Summer Fun

Roaming the backroads of Minnesota, we came upon a little village with some artisans' shops and a mill    pond - below the dam were thousands of little fish in the clear water.   These kids did not catch any with their bare hands, but they had fun trying and cooled off on a warm summer day.