#3 Before And After

The dividing line is Labor Day.  After Labor Day the days are sunny and warm, the nights are cool and quiet, the fireplaces are lit, the fleece is on, the bugs are dead, the kids are in school, the geese are starting to arrive from Canada, and the jet skis have gone back to Illinois. The golf clubs are back in the basement and the shotguns are in the trucks; the dogs get birdy at the sight of camo pants, and football is on TV five nights a week.  If this was not God's plan He would not have given us flat screen TV's and bars with 20 of them.     Before Labor Day, the leaves are all green and boring and just background for photos of something else; but after Labor Day, they are the main event.   This guy couldn't wait any longer and neither could I.         


#2 -- A Worm's View

This defiant little bastard in the bubble insert is the Charlie Sheen of worms - while the sensible and responsible worms turned in for the night at a decent hour and were deep underground working to aerate the earth before breakfast, he was still out carousing when the sun came up.   Got himself picked up by strangers who promised a party by the lake, thrown in a tupperware with a dozen other worm burnouts shaking from dirt withdrawal, stuck with a barbed hook, nearly drowned, and barely escaped the gulping lunge of this deadly rock bass.  And he learned nothing - still smirking and arrogant, taunting the fish and mugging for the camera.   SMDH.    


#1 Part of Me

This photo can be interpreted many ways:  our place at Pine Lake has been part of me for half a century, that Fuji camera is an extension of me these days, the shadow in the water is reflecting a few body parts of me trying to get a good shot of this little frog.  Part of me wants to take his picture and part of me wants to use him for bass bait - I suppose that caption could have worked in a pinch, but since I photobombed my own shoot, I think I am going with the reflection/shadow for the first photo of the new challenge year.