#7 Circle Within A Square

Well, technically, it is two circles within two squares within two more circles within a curvelinear trapezoid within a triangle within an arc within another circle with heavy oxidation throughout.   But who's counting?


#6 Celebration

I don't know what horses do to celebrate, but it's a safe bet that this handsome devil's owner is over at the beer tent pretending to be surprised that he won a ribbon again this year.  


#5 Bird's Eye View

From the bird's eye view, the lake and surrounding shore below must look like a buffet table - walleye, crappie, musky, bass, rock bass, duck, loon, goose, muskrat, otter, chipmunk, red squirrel, garter snake, and fox have a far less favorable opinion of bald eagles than humans do.  This guy is about to ruin some little critter's day.  


#4 Biggest Fear

No, I am not afraid of the rip tide.   Not scared of falling on the rocks and splitting my head open, either.  And I don't worry about being buried alive in a mud slide if those clay banks cut loose, or crushed like a grape if a tree gives way above me.   Is that a tornado coming over the hill?  Bring it.  No, my biggest fear is that little girl in the orange jacket; strangers terrify me - check that, people terrify me.  Seriously...been that way since I was younger than her.  That's why you almost never see them in my photos.