#13 Downtown in B&W

It takes 26 hours to drive from our home in Florida to our summer cottage in northern Wisconsin, and we always just blow right by the cities that dot the route.   So coming back south this year, I pulled off to see what was happening in downtown at 9:00 in Paducah, Kentucky on a Friday night and discovered...nothing...nothing is happening in downtown Paducah at nine...not a thing...nothing at all...nothing.  I had to shoot it at an angle it to make it remotely interesting.  It doesn't get any better in color.  Nothing.     



#12 Diamonds

Ok, this one is a bit of a stretch, but that metal tread is called Diamond Plate, and so the judges have ruled that I can use this majorly doctored up photo of an Arizona fire truck for this week's theme.  Joanne was naturally hoping we would need something new to photograph.....


#11 - Descending

Cloudland Canyon state park in Georgia has some serious descent - 900 feet of vertical drop from the canyon rim to the floor, with steep switchback trails and over 450 stairs.  Here is the view from the top of the canyon rim, the first of many waterfalls, cascades, rapids, and drop pools on the way to the bottom.....

...And here is the last drop on the bottom of the canyon floor where the water turns from a tumbling noisy bounce to a strong smooth current.....

....and here is me  2/3 of the way back up taking a breather.  I lied and told the kids climbing by like little spider monkeys that I didn't want to stop but our 52-week challenge was to take a selfie sitting down at an interesting place each week, so dang, but duty calls, you know.  Had to take a bout 20 shots with the 10 second delay timer to...um...you know....get a good one.....for the club.   Yeah, that's the ticket; I had to stop for the club.  Not because I was sucking wind or feeling the bursitis all the way into my hair or anything.      


#10 Dawn's Light

The basic difference between irritating fog and fascinating fog when the sun comes up is whether or not you have your camera with you as it is burning off.  

#9 Complimentary Colors

The color wheel shows the complimentary colors of the blue shades to be the oranges, yellows, and golds. Now, where have we seen that recently?


#8 Common Cliche Phrase

The phrase that came to mind is old saw "that's water under the bridge".  I just happened to have a recent photo from the under the bridge below the Kentucky Dam, and sure enough, there is water under it.  I guess that's how it got to be a cliche.