#25 Low Key

The term "Low Key" in photography refers to a style of image that uses dark tones and bright highlights to illuminate part of a subject to achieve a dramatic effect with shadows or dark spaces in the image.  Normally, you don't want the sun behind a darker bird like a brown pelican, but I decided to roll with it and do this in Low Key black and white and it reminded me of the portly shadow of Alfred Hitchcock at the start of his old TV show.    Now try and get that intro music out of your head....da DUM...da da da da dum da dahhh...da DUM...da da da da dum da dahhh.   Yeah, I know, been humming it all day; sorry to do it to you.     

#24 Loud Noises

Well, I decided to put a couple of pelican photos in the challenge blog and why not - they are fun to shoot...er...photograph, and they can fit all sorts of themes.   Take this week's theme of loud noises for example - the brown pelicans fly over the water looking for fish swimming near the surface and when they find one, they dive for dinner with a loud splash.  Most of the time, that sound tells me I missed a shot, but sometimes I catch them in the act.        


#23 - Letters

This peaceful sunset is brought to you by the letter H.

#22 Laundry

There are a lot of of things to take photos of in the Caribbean - beautiful beaches, cruise ships, flowers, birds, colonial ruins, sunsets, waterfalls, and...laundry?   Yeah - laundry.  It's not going into the South Florida Museum or anything, but it's got  some dramatic sky in the background, complimentary blue colors going on with the blue jeans and yellow house, little it of movement, some intrigue with that open window.  Not a snapshot, not art; not bad.     

#21 Industrial

When the weather gets cold in Florida, you still can't see your breath, but you can at least see large plumes of water vapor coming out of the TECO power plant near Apollo Beach, which means there will be hundreds of manatees up in warm water where plant's cooling water is discharged.  Some people complain about the weather and others take photos of manatees.    


#20 - In The Park

These two ladies were taking a little rest after lunch in a park on St. Kitts.  

#19 Homemade

I can't say for sure, but this trap appears to be homemade.   There were two of them laying near each other and they were anywhere close to being identical, so if they were made in a factory, it is the worst one in the world.