#30 Mouthwatering

Let's not overthink this - you got your mouth and you got your water, so mouthwatering.  Done.   There is no need to go all crazy and start writing about shit that happened when we were children until we have a feeling - not every single week.   What are you laughing it?  Guys have feelings - pissed off, hungry to name a just a few.  Humid.  Or fishing - there's another good one.    


#28 - Mirrored Image and #29 Moody

I'm going to kill two birds with one photo this time.   Well ok, this is not technically a mirrored image because the side of the car is not a mirror.  But I think it is a spectacular image anyway....no, no I don't.  It's crap.  It's grainy and over-processed, and the colors are not balanced right, and I didn't crop out the corners correctly.  You are right, I should have never tried to bend the rules, and everything I do is crap, so I might as well throw the stupid camera into the ocean - maybe then you would all be happy.  (see what I did there, pretending to be all moody and stuff?)   


#27 - Memories

I don't know anybody whose dad didn't have a coffee can full of old screws; and I don't know any guy who isn't keeping the tradition alive.  We keep them forever, not because we really need the screws - moms keep organized little plastic boxes of carefully sorted hardware for when we actually do something - but because every time we pour half the can out on a table in the garage and start sifting through them, we remember our dads doing the same thing in the basement or in the shed at the lake or out in the garage back home.  

We save the old tools too - wooden handled screwdrivers with split handles and hand drills and chisels and things; not half as good with them as our fathers, but we use them just to remember the times our dads spend teaching us how to do things we would need to do for ourselves and for others when we become men and it would our turn to be fathers to our children.  Our wives try and throw old things out, but we don't let them.  It isn't about the useless stuff that is is in the can or the toolbox, it is the memories and the words that come out when we pour that can of old screws out on the table like our dads used to do and start sifting through them.   

Even as old farts, we need to think of our dads every so often to be reminded of what is is that we need to do to be men - good men.     There isn't anybody else to tell us; nobody else knows.   


#26 Mealtime

No, this is not our dining room - the colors are all wrong.   And it has a few more columns, and the ceilings are about 40 feet taller, and of course the chandelier is about ten times bigger, and it seats a few hundred more people on three levels.   It is the main dining room on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Navigator Of The Seas, which has water glasses just like ours.  So we have that going for us.