#28 - Mirrored Image and #29 Moody

I'm going to kill two birds with one photo this time.   Well ok, this is not technically a mirrored image because the side of the car is not a mirror.  But I think it is a spectacular image anyway....no, no I don't.  It's crap.  It's grainy and over-processed, and the colors are not balanced right, and I didn't crop out the corners correctly.  You are right, I should have never tried to bend the rules, and everything I do is crap, so I might as well throw the stupid camera into the ocean - maybe then you would all be happy.  (see what I did there, pretending to be all moody and stuff?)   


Diane & Pete said...

As long as that was only PRETEND.....Anybody would be lucky to own that car.

David Peterson said...

Your moodiness is unconvincing for those who know you a bit ;) Love the pic.