#35 On The River

I grew up in Ironwood, Michigan and our summer cottage is on Pine Lake in Oma Township, Wisconsin, out of which the Montreal River flows.  That is Michigan on the left and Wisconsin on the right and Heaven in between.  We are called Yoopers - those of us from Michigan's Upper Peninsula - and if you are one or know one, then you understand that still waters run deep AND know how to get down.  So this shot of the Montreal getting down about 5 meters is for all my Yooper buds wherever we are - black rocks matter.      

#34 OMG

Don't shoot the messenger - I just do what I am told and this week it was go take an OMG shot.  And don't get all proud about it - you said OMG or a snicker to that effect.   A common term for the cormorant is a shag, so if there is someone you want out of your hair just tell them you were looking at pooping shag photos today and that should do the trick.  You're welcome.        


#33 Old Timer

There's actually quite a few old timers in this photo - the car and all the guys looking at it.

And here is another rendition with just the two old timers.   Leave a comment and tell me which you prefer.


#32 Nighttime

I'm not an expert, but I do like to shoot long exposure shots at night.  ISO 100 and f22 on a Minolta 20mm wide prime lens will get the starburst effect from streetlights, and 8-15 seconds on a tripod will do a pretty good job on the streaking headlights, so we just need a variable ND filter to get the rest of the image exposed properly.  Manual focus on infinity, and exp comp at -1 stop keeps the highlights from blowing out.  And then find somewhere interesting to shoot - this is Rocky Point in Tampa.  

#31 Neon

Anybody can take good looking photos on a cruise ship - the crafts are gorgeous.  The trick is getting several thousand passengers and crew to stand out of your way while you are shooting.