#8 Break The Rule of Thirds

Here's the other rule of thirds: as soon as the third one craps out, we shoot up the pile of them.  Admit it - you have wanted to put a few rounds into your laptop more than a few times, especially when it locks up at the most inopportune moment and hours of work go down the drain.  And yes, it was tons of fun.


#7 Bent and Twisted

This old ore car at the Quincy mine was once straight, square, plumb, and stout.  A few decades of work and then a few more put out to pasture (literally) have left it bent and twisted, rusted and rotting; ignored and alone with its memories of the days when it carried a whole region's prosperity on its axles.  Unlike the rest of us bent and twisted relics, it can't go to Florida before the snow comes, so the moral of the story is its better to be an old man that an ore car.   Or something.   


#6 Bright Lights

To see an aurora in summer, you need a combination of solar winds, no moon, clear skies, location, and luck. Two hours of sitting on the shore catching some faint glow on the horizon was rewarded with a bright flare and a shooting star going through the big dipper.  And then it was over - just like the big finish of fireworks when they save the best for last.


#5 Artistic

I actually was an art major in college...until I ran out of classes that started after 10:00 AM.  Then I switched to psychology but did not finish that either - abnormal psych started at 8:00 AM, and some days the previous night's abnormalities weren't even over with by then.  We had a meeting in which it was decided that it would best for everybody if I would complete my undergraduate studies "at any institution other than this one",  so don't get your hopes up, ok? 

I took this photo of a flowering weed at the edge of a beaver pond the other day and ran it though an infrared filter to give it some artsy fartsy pretensions.   Damn thing thinks it is one of the Queen's roses now, but it is more interesting this way.