#12 - Hair

Don't you just hate it when some guy has a ridiculous comb over and the wind blows it off the side of his head?  Yeah, well YOU tell him he looks like a dork; I'm not going to tell him!

#11 - Four

What a stupid idea for a theme - anybody can go take a picture of a Ford, the dang things are everywhere.  Mustangs, Focuses (or is it Foci?), Fusion, and of course F150 pickups.  Just walk outside, wait a few minutes and somebody will come driving by in a Ford.  So I decided to be bold and suffer for my art - jump out in front of a Ford truck and get the grill right before it runs me over. Here it is bearing down on me the moment before impact, pretty steady under the circumstances, eh?  ....what's that you say....the theme was four, not Ford...like f-o-u-r?   Dang,  I could have just shot the coffee table and counted the legs.  Never mind...

#10 Cozy, Comfortable

This little guy was cozy and comfortable in a sunny side bank of the 4th tee at Stoneybrook Golf Course.  Wasn't bothered by the golfers teeing off about 20 feet from his spot in the grass and they did not seem to notice him either.