#17 Missing/Misplaced

"Ok, so I think we are ready to put the guard rail up in this little open section here.  Do you have the hole locations marked, Jesus?   Jesus?   Did you hear me?  What are you....oh, shit."


#16 - Macro/closeup

I picked up photography a few years ago and started out with a super-zoom bridge camera and discovered i like taking close-up images of flowers with it.  When I joined LWRDPC I learned how to take photos of other things, but I still like flower closeups that fill the frame, too.  Being too cheap to buy an expensive macro lens for my full-frame Sony,  I pull out the old Canon super-zoom and bang away with the lens extended out to to 1200 mm equivalent.  Not macro; make-do.


#15 - Looking Up

 I was looking up as I took this photo of the window washers looking up at the lifeboats.  One of those things should count for this theme.    

#14 - Line From A Song

"Take these broken wings and learn to fly".   I didn't really like that song much, but the lyric pops into my head very often when I see the Great Blue Heron lift off.  They have an orange patch on their elbows that look at first like glance like a broken wing with dried blood.  This guy just got done eating a very large bass and it must have weighed him down - he struggled to gain altitude, but it gave me a nice series of reflection shots.