#24 - Out Of Bounds

Oh, this is so wrong - completely out of bounds.  Utterly tasteless.  Juvenile.

#23 Orton Effect

This is a stack of three duplicate photos with varying degrees of focus, blur, and saturation to simulate the Orton Effect in film developing.   I think it gives a 3D feel to the image.


#21 - On The Water

I was down at Centennial Park in Sarasota shooting diving pelicans and when the sun began to set I saw a fellow trying unsuccessfully to get a shot of his hot car - the sun was so bright it was just a silhouette.   I suggested he just wait 5 minutes until the sun started to slip below the horizon and bingo - nice little car shot.   This is the stuff you learn in a camera club like LWRDPC; if he was a member I would have had him turn the front wheels a bit away from the camera...