Last Post for 2016-17 - Photographer's Choice

This photo probably would not win a ribbon in any contest - the composition is unbalanced, it is too dark on the right and too bright in the upper left corner, the editing is choppy where I tried to take out the sun flares, and I should have taken the shot at a different time of day when the lightning was better. 

But it is one my favorites because it salvages the best of what was available.  It was the only day and time of day I could take the shot.  I had to climb down a steep bank to get the composition angle I did get and darn near broke a leg doing that.  I had to learn two new Photoshop techniques to take out the sun flares, and ended up with a black and white rendition to make up for the awful shadows against the colors in the the sunlight. 

So despite its flaws, it is a memorable photo because by rights it should have been just god-awful and deleted, but it turned out ok.   I love waterfalls - they are very difficult to shoot well and the time that takes to set up the shots forces me to be fully engaged with the most beautiful thing in nature for an hour or two.  My 8th grade art teacher said art was 90% seeing and 10% doing.  I am am starting to figure out what he meant.