#24 - I found this

I went for a walk in a large city center to shoot some architecture and quite by accident I found this instead - a very large and very beautiful cemetery.  There were many visitors like this man - coming to relive memories with the love of his life in peace and quiet.  It was an oddly uplifting place - more like a park, really - I am glad that I found it.  


#38 - Serenity in Nature

Is there anything more serene in nature than a rainbow after a violent thunderstorm?  In fact there is - there is a double rainbow, twice as serene.  How about a serene double rainbow over a serene golf course?  That's serene to the 3rd power.  And a double rainbow over the golf course two days after a hurricane came through and made a mess of things all over?   Epic serenity, right there.   


#15 - F4 or lower

Sometimes you are the gecko and sometimes you are the ants.  My advice - be a gecko. 


#46 - the color purple

Well, duh...  the theme said the color purple, so I found something purple and took a shot of it.