#29 - On the Edge

I guess you could say this shot is on the edge twice - it is on the edge of the longest suspension bridge in Germany, which is on the edge of the two sides of a deep gorge in the Palatinate.  About 1,000 feet across and 300 feet above the treetops below.  


#51 Worst ________ Ever

Is it a truck?  Is it a scooter?  Is it a trike?  Is it an ATV?  UTV?  Whatever the heck it is, it is the worst one ever.  While I was hiking I met this guy who has a little garden-slash-hunting compound up on a hilltop and he drives this one-seater 1950's contraption up the trails from the village below a couple times each week.  The bed isn't much bigger than a wheelbarrow and he can't drive it on roads because it only goes about 15 mph.

#9 Close Up

By the first of November, most of the flowers have given up around here and most of the bees have either gone south or gone to bee heaven or whatever they do when it's time to call it a season.  I don't know my flowers or my bees, so I have no idea what kind these two stubborn bastards are but they apparently decided to hang on together long enough for me to get this photo before the snow buries them.