Links to friends

Are you a photographer?  Are you participating int the LWRDPC 52-week challenge?  Then send me your URL and I will post the link here.  

Please visit the photo blogs of all of my friends who are listed below - some of the most talented photographers on the planet and a lot of fun, too.  

Diane                   Broda         

Julie Ann Alejos
Harold Ashby
Trudie Callan
Liz Cantarine
George Case
Sue Christensen
Cindy Cingone
Tara Coddington
Carolyn Eliason
Jacquiline Fay http://jaquelinefay75.wordpress.con
Donna Ferguson
Clara Gingerich
Sue Karski
Marie Lough
Ron Mahew
Ida McBride
Mary Nell Moore
Tim Nerenz
Arthur Okula
Ron Owens
Deedie Parker
Susan Piper
Patricia Reed
Morag Reid
Susan Roche
Sue Sanborn
Judy Schettino
Cathy Smith
Jewel Thompson
Nicola Tilt
Debi Vance
Vincent Veneruso
Sheryl Vieira
Jonathan West
Gary Wong

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